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Business Owner, Project Manager, Cobol Programmer, Database Analyst.

If you need help with your current Cobol projects, I can help.

My career as an independent Cobol consultant, systems and database designer, and of course, Cobol programmer has spanned 20+ years. I have worked for nearly 100 different clients in a wide range of industries on all kinds of projects.

With a degree from East Carolina University in Computer Science, a personal interest in Accounting and Statistics, a pleasant personality, self-motivation, leadership abilities and strong verbal and written communication skills, I can help take any project from dream to reality.

Please check out the Recruiters page for a complete list of my qualifications and employment/salary history. Primary languages have been Envyr Corporations Icobol and Microfocus/AcuCorp AcuCobol with some exposure and training in Fujitsu Object-Oriented Cobol.

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My name is Jim Glisson.

While I was in college studying computer programming, I quickly realized that business database design, and specifically, application programming REALLY got me excited. I love designing and building software applications that help make people's jobs easier.

I hope Nike doesn't mind me ripping off one their advertising campaign, but database design, Cobol programming, and business software programming and design "is what I live for."

A close second to that love is tied between statistics and accounting. Actually, I guess statistics won out since I minored in Quantitative Methods, and not Accounting.

When I was growing up, I used to study the statistics on the back of many baseball cards I got in my chewing gum packs ... just before I clothes-pinned them to the spokes on my bicycle. My apologies to Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays! (Of course, I'm still kicking myself for destroying their rookie cards, but I've finally forgiven my Mom for tossing out all my others baseball cards in our many military moves!)

I kept statistics on everything throughout my school years, and would even keep statistics on board and card games up into my 20's.

To date, I have not hit a hole-in-one or won the lottery, but want to do both of these statistically improbable things before I die, while avoiding being stuck by lightning.

I am forever hooked on computers and Cobol programming because I love to 'build stuff'.

If you need help tracking accountability in your business for increasing profits, to make your employees' lives easier, or just for improved efficiency ... why don't you give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

If you have an idea for a resellable software product that you've been thinking about marketing, call me about that idea too, I'm receptive to any joint-marketing proposition you have in mind.

I've been incorporated as a Subchapter-S corporation since 1984 and have successfully performed Cobol and Access programming projects for a wide variety of clients in a range of different industries for the past 25 years.

My office is located less than an hour drive east of the Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of central North Carolina. Home of the 2006 NHL champion Carolina Hurricanes.

My rates are reasonable ... about what you'd pay for off-shore programming.

On these pages you'll find information about multiple Cobol programming projects that I have completed, as well as, descriptions of several Access programming projects that I am currently involved in, or tinkering with.

Please check out the other links on this website to see more of the kind of work I can do for you.

Contact me with the details of your project, and let me know how I can help.


Jim Glisson


P.S. References available on request.